Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thank you to our advisors and supporters!

This is truly a project from the heart which would not have happened without the positive energy, advice, and knowledge of the following:

Neale Donald Walsch
Bryant McGill
Laurie Lankins Farley
Roma Khetarpal
Dr. Shefali
Aisha Sultan
Sage and Scott Filmore
Rick Boling
Jaime Nies

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What if it doesn't work?

"It won't work! No one will join! People will not let down their guards.
Leaders won't show all their cards!" 

How do we combat the naysayers? We prove them wrong. We are already doing it, separately! It's time to do it - As One!

This sort of happiness and spirit of togetherness happens in every culture during their agreed upon days of celebration. In the Western World around Christmas time we see it happen as people become more charitable in their giving and in every day life people become more cheerful as upbeat christmas carols are played. People smile at each other and say "Happy Holidays!" or "Merry Christmas!" In the Muslim world, on Eid, during Ramadan, and in day to day life a smile to another person is considered a great act of kindness and charity. People of Jewish faith celebrate Hanukkah as a family time of togetherness, joy, and kindness. Buddhists celebrate many festivals throughout the year which bring them joy and lead them to spread kindness. The list of the world's faiths and their joyful times of year goes on and on! Imagine what would happen if all of these cultures decided to channel their kindness into one day and the entire world smiled together!

Leaders don't lead, they follow. When the leaders see that the people of today are choosing to share oneness, kindness, and to smile at each other, they will have no choice but to come along with us!

This will work. We can begin to shift the minds and hearts of those around us. We can raise the vibration of the planet. Love and peace can flow throughout the planet. It can all start with a kindness smile from your heart!

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