Kindness Smile Day - March 18, 2016

The first exercise of the Kindness Smile Project is
Kindness Smile Day - March 18, 2016!


A day to experience what we can do together when we agree to work for a common goal.

Who? People all over the world!

What? We will choose, consciously, to smile at every person we meet in public, on the street, at work, in our homes, with kindness in our hearts. We will show each individual, even if just for a moment, that their presence on this planet matters.

Where? Everywhere!
Why? To raise the vibrational energy of the planet. To show that it is feasible for us to be "nice" to each other. To give others a momentary lift in their day. To spread peace, love, and joy! Because we never know how much one smile can change a life.

How will this work? Through the power of social media we will spread knowledge of the date - March 18, 2016. People will join us because it won't cost them a penny! People will join us because they will find that giving the gift of their beautiful smile makes them feel happier too!

How much will it cost you? Not a thing! Smiles are free!

How can you help? Tell everyone you know! Smile at everyone you meet. Share the love, beauty, and perfection that is inside of you with the world! Like and share our Facebook community page at


  1. An art called kindness

  2. This is a wonderful project. I have marked my calendar. Keep me in the project loop.