What is the Kindness Smile Project?

The Kindness Smile Project is...

An endeavor to show humanity that we can be kind to each other and that through small interactions we can change the world.

We currently live in a society which teaches separation and fear of people who are different from us. This leads to negative interactions, anger, violence, and ever-increasing fear and separation. When we embrace an understanding of connectedness and oneness, we treat each other more kindly and are more likely to accept other's differences.



  1. My local dollar store had little bears with happy little faces that instantly made me smile. I named mine "Kindness" as a reminder that everyone has some challenge in life and sometimes just a smile, a small kindness, can make a huge difference to those we share our smiles with and even to ourselves. What if we were able to buy a little stuffed toy and give it to a stranger, like the little boy featured on TV earlier this year did? That little boy changed people's lives. We can, too! And, if we can change people we can change the world.

  2. At the market mothers with screaming children need a smile, the checker who is rushed and tired, I always complement them by name (on their name tags) and offer a kind word and smile. Driving I allow the person the "go-ahead" if he/she seems troubled. Truly I find kindness/smiles a wonderful healing tool. Lifts the spirit of all.

  3. Great Idea. I am a play therapist intern at an elementary school in Phoenix. It is amazing how much a warm compassionate attitude changes kids. I am seeing the potential of play therapy in very spiritual ways too.

  4. Simple kindness, compassion and empathy are often appreciated by the receptive, but sometimes the reciprosity is lost on the unreceptive.
    Pity, unappreciated Grace.
    Regardless, it has always been a daily practise for as long as I can remember only I never thought about or questioned it.

    A selfless act of practising the Art of Grace in moments of kindness to others is often easier than being kind to oneself.